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First, what other form of warrior are they allowed to be as lawful citizens? They can’t even argue with an officer in their own defense without getting slapped or shot.

This question in the first sentence was asked during one of those Whatsapp discussions and exchange of thoughts on nation-building; which I am always eager to participate in. It was important to ask what other kinds of warriors we are allowed to be in this modern world when someone said many of us were just ‘Keypad warriors’, as though it was a thing to be ashamed of.

His argument: “if push comes to shove, how many will stand”, my answer to that thought was that If push comes to shove before the fire catches all around sufficiently, such action will fail. The purpose of the keypad warfare and the noise-making is to spread the fire, to infect as many people as possible with the same level of dissatisfaction. It is the process of drying every wood, spreading a level of enlightenment that can trigger real change.

The role of ‘Noise Making’ is to make sure no one is left ignorant, to make sure our dissatisfaction with the status-quo becomes infectious and to make sure that no wood is left cold, so the fire can burn. Do not be ashamed of being called a ‘Keypad warrior’ when it comes to nation-building; be proud of it. When it comes to the subject of your own personal livelihood…that’s your poop bro…pack it. As for national issues…Talk about it.

With the many ‘cold woods’ lying around today, if you do more than ‘talk’, your fire won’t catch, and like the orange-beret man, you may pay personal prices with nothing to show after!

Like the ‘five-fold’ ministry in the Bible, no significant change ever began without the ‘Ministry of Noise Making’, it is not the master-key, but it certainly is a major piece of the key puzzle. Do not be intimidated into silence, talk about it, continue to talk about it. If noise-making was useless, certain people will still be with us today, alive and free; certain activists, writers, editors of tabloids, journalists…NOISE MAKERS! but some people who held ‘true power’ found them intimidating enough to devote time and resources into silencing them; alas, the noise made from an informed mind is such a powerful weapon, even the mighty fear it.

In the old world, this power was localized to a certain profession; the custodians of the journals. Only them had the platforms from which meaningful noise could be made, and whenever they soiled their craft with compromise, a dispensation of value was lost, because they become the very puppets by which the status-quo is reinforced, and the masses sufficiently deceived. Luckily, Social Media finally came to the scene, and it has been effective in gradually withdrawing the monopoly of noise-making from the news journals. Now, PR budgets are no longer sufficient in killing ‘bad news’. If you mess up in the wrong place, the housewife next door with a smartphone will break your news…and her fellow market women will spread the news, person to person; warning their children about you…a world of forced-accountability. At least you will have to explain, even if you will lie. It is better than not having to lie about it.

A rare picture of an officer discharging his duties, as posted by a keypad warrior

Why do you think certain media channels (names withheld) lost their place in the scheme of things? Well, it could be because the truth stopped being a secret the editors and producers could control; it became popular knowledge on Twitter and Facebook, and so, any channel that for whatever reason chose to continue ‘managing’ the truth, simply lost their place. If 30 incidents were reported online, you can’t go on NTA (or any station) and say it is just 5; the facts got to the streets before the editor’s table.

This power is what you should never lose, if your noise is true, please make it. Let those who have smarter methods use their smarter methods also; and if it is the same change we both desire, the ends may someday meet. Let’s continue to remind ourselves that this is not normal. Let’s make sure we don’t raise children that believe it is God that will fix Nigeria. Let each awaken his neighbour, and maybe someday soon, there will be change.

Are you waiting for the part where I balance things and talk about the negative sides of Social Media? Sorry, there is no such part.


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